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Tonia Garrett

Counselling & Psychotherapy

About Counselling....

Sometimes we just need the space to talk through difficulties and issues that make life so hard to cope with.  Counselling offers a confidential, private and safe space to talk through our difficulties with someone who is empathic, warm and non-judgemental and who is willing to listen and support us - guding us to move beyond our current situation.

Talking things through can be helpful to release deeply held, difficult emotions, take responsibility and regain control in our lives.

Counselling is not about giving advice but about giving voice to our situation with support so that we can help to understand, unravel and release problems, working them through to find a point of resolution or acceptance.  

We can also reconnect to who we truly are, becoming happier and more accepting of ourselves - growing in confidence to tackle our lives successfully and enjoy life again.   

Counselling can help with the following issues:

-  Bereavement & Loss

-  Relationship Difficulties

-  Panic attacks

-  Life Changes

-  Stress / Trauma

-  Illness / Life Limiting Illness

-  Addiction Issues

-  Family Issues

-  Termination / Miscarriage

-  Sexuality Issues

-  Anxiety & Depression

-  Work Difficulties

-  Eating Disorders

-  Phobias

-  Domestic Violence

-  Financial Problems

-  Self-harm

-  Spirituality / Faith Issues

-  Suicide

-  Disability

Please contact me if you feel that I can help with any of the above issues or even if there is anything going on in your life that is not listed above.

Couples / Relationship Therapy...

Couples therapy helps us work towards a fulfilling relationship and resolve difficulties that seem too difficult to overcome or address between us and our partner on our own.  . 

Ups and downs are a natural part of any relationship but sometimes we can feel 'stuck in a rut', going round in circles and as if we cannot move forward leaving feelings of being:


Unable to Communicate



Tired of Arguments

Lacking in Sexual Intimacy

Wondering whether to stay or leave.......

Working with a therapist helps us look at our relationships from different perspectives, hear our partners and learn to communicate our needs in a better way, with a chance of then getting our needs met.   

We can learn more about ourselves from our relationships providing self awareness, self development and therefore creating healthier, more loving and closer connections to our beloved.   We have an opportunity to both grow and come together stronger than ever. 

Beyond Counselling....

I believe in a holistic approach to resolving difficulties and healing ourselves.  Therefore within counselling sessions if desired, I am willing to use extensive experience in stress reduction to teach clients how to help themselves outside of counselling sessions.                Effective techniques that can help include:

Meditation / Mindfulness

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Breathing Techniques

Guided Visualisations to relax / relieve stress

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within us out into the world, miracles happen”.


Ralph Waldo Emmerson  


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