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"I came to Tonia back in Feb 18 (now Aug 18) having acute long standing issues from childhood.  I had been seeing other counsellors since my early 40's without much success and my depresion became much worse.  To say that Tonia has changed my life would be an understatement, she may well have saved it.  Thank you Tonia".

"Having struggled with an eating disorder for most of my life, I initially came to see Tonia when I was desperate and unable to cope anymore.  We worked on many strategies to help me manage my addiction before getting to the deeper issues in my childhood at the root of my eating problems.  When getting to the scary stuff we used EFT to clear some of the old trauma and it worked amazingly.  I now feel free of the old emotional pain and when life gets hard I have strageties to help me cope so I don't fall back to old coping strategies".  

"I saw Tonia mid 2015.  I was in a deep grieving process.  I found it reassuring to talk to someone who saw me very quickly, as she realised my state on the phone, that I was in a bad place.  Very comfortable to talk to and a relaxed manner, Tonia unravelled my problems".    

"Tonia came back to me very quickly when I left a message asking for some help on a particularly low day.  I lost my husband suddenly and found myself at times in a very bleak place. I only needed a few sessions to get me through the worst and came out the other side with some understanding and more peace of mind".  

"We have had problems in our relationship which stopped us making the 'final commitment' of getting married. We had couples sessions for 6 months to try to sort out the problems and help us understand why we kept arguing.  The sessions were good in that they helped to hear what the other had to say and when we got into the same arguements there was a way out.  I think we understand each other more and we learned to talk to each other in a different way.  It wasn't easy at times but at least we have now made the decision to get married!".    

All reviews have had any identifying details omited due to client confidentiality.

Further reviews of my work can be found on Google at my business page:  Healing For Harmony.

"Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness.

It's the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul"

Amy Collette


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